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Progressive Yoga by Scott Sonnon – Detailed Review

Written by Sammy West

Welcome to Progressive Yoga Review with Customer Tipster where we provide the most important tips to customers interested in self help programs like this. The practice of Yoga has changed over the years, the most common type being the traditional yoga system. However, there have been some alterations by so called yoga professionals and individuals themselves which leads to injuries and frustration from going in and out of a particular pose. Scott Sonnon, a professional yoga instructor has designed a system to solve this problem that most yoga students and some professional instructors are encountering and just don’t know how to find a way out of. His solution is packaged in a system called Progressive yoga. This is a modification of the traditional yoga techniques that most yoga trainees are frequently getting wrong. Scott designed this system to save people from themselves and help them make healthy training choices that won’t leave them tired and stressed out without knowing how to recover from it.

Why Is Progressive Yoga by Scott Sonnon So Special?

Your training choices most times are the reason why you experience difficulty in completing your yoga sessions. It is also the reason why you encounter complications and get in the endless circle of looking for a solution for them. Sleep no longer helps you recover from the stress, and rest also does not help either. You also try yoga, but can’t seem to get into the required positions that would help you gain some level of restoration. Some people actually get hurt or injured from trying too hard to recover.

It is important to listen to the voice coming from our body and the information it is trying to pass across. We most times hurt ourselves by not fully understanding the information that our body is passing across. Some people react positively while the vast majority reacts negatively. A typical example of negative reaction is choosing to engage in extra exercises when your body does not want anymore. All these exercises lead to stress accumulation and there is no framework in place to help you recover fully. This leads you to stop exercising and the pain you were initially feeling seems to disappear, but the pain, injuries and frustrations returns as soon as you restart the exercises again.

 At this point, most people opt to join yoga class, but are overwhelmed by the population of the class and the coaching sessions also have little or no effect as everything begins to seem alien. The progressive yoga system designed by Scott Sonnon explains the reason for this anomaly and also offers a way out of the situation. Most people do not know the main secret behind traditional yoga and this is responsible for all the failed attempts people make at it. Yoga is not made for you or any other person, you either submit to the tradition or yoga itself, or you are getting it wrong altogether and contaminating the system.

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Preview Progressive Yoga by Scott Sonnon Now

All these establish the fact that you cannot accomplish much with yoga if you are not progressive about it. This means you have to neglect the traditional manner of carrying out yoga in a particular pattern and embrace a progressive yoga style that is more flexible and easy to follow. Mishaps in yoga sessions are most times not the fault of the students sometimes it is the fault of both student and the teacher alike. This is because some yoga practices that are tagged as the appropriate yoga style are actually very wrong and both student and instructors sometimes cannot spot the harm being done by this so called best yoga practices. This is basically why some yoga sessions are so painful because the body keeps sending messages and they are ignored.

In the progressive yoga system, you will discover that exiting and entering pose which generally being preached to be dangerous by yoga teachers, is not completely correct. If you enter or exit a pose frequently, do not be deceived, there was no point where you were ever in a pose. This is because your breath controls your practice, so exiting and entering a pose only puts you in an ebb and flow. If you are a modern day man or woman, you will realize that practicing yoga is not an easy task to undertake when you compare your busy schedules with the demands of yoga. Practicing yoga for a career man or woman or a business person is only possible if you undertake a progressive style. This is the reason why the progressive yoga system was created initially.

Things You Will Find in a Complete Progressive Yoga Guide

Scott Sonnon’s complete guide on progressive yoga contains manuals, videos and a quick start guide for you to have a smooth ride while using the guide.

A onetime purchase of Scott’s system will give you an unlimited access to……

  1. 5 manuals that are fully equipped to help you to be able to progress with yoga. Scott explains in these manuals the connection between eastern and western science as related to yoga and how you can combine these knowledge to improve your motor development, biomechanics and stress physiology. The manuals are developed to encourage people to carry out these yoga sessions by themselves. Scott’s philosophy is based on strengthening balanced physique rather than just making meaningless stretches.
  2. You will also find in the system a quick start guide that will eliminate the possibility of you not understanding fully what Scott has packaged for you in the system. It explains the history of progressive yoga, and plainly spells out the routine that you should follow if you are to achieve a particular goal.
  3. You will also have access to 5 full-length follow along videos that will help you restore motion to stiff areas of your body. This is made possible through incremental myofascial release. Scott’s guidiance in these videos will help you gain motion not just by exercising but also making sound recreational, occupational and behavioral choices. Progressive yoga is made specifically for people with a lot of “tight” spots.

Benefits of the Progressive yoga system

For people who have at a point or the other point purchased any part of the progressive yoga system before, you can make selections of the part that applies to you and make progress. You do not necessarily have to purchase everything and start all over again. Other benefits include…..

  1. The progressive yoga system is available for a much reduced price which is nothing compared to the value of what Scott has packaged for you.
  2. You also have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits that the program contains for 60 full days totally risk free. If during this period, you do not get the promised results, you will get all your investment back, no questions asked.

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Preview Progressive Yoga by Scott Sonnon Now

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