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  • I checked out your site. I saw what you are doing with your site and was quite impressed with the content. Truly speaking, there is quite a dearth of good quality content sites like yours these days. I am an expert at social media traffic generation. However, I am rather choosy when it comes to accepting websites for promotion.

    Let us face it, social media users don’t like websites which contain nothing except blatant promotion and advertisements. More and more they are opting to read ONLY good quality, content-based websites which provide some truly useful information to them. If I promote mediocre sites on my social media accounts, I would get banned from these websites. So I cannot accept every website for traffic and promotion, unfortunately. With that said, let me introduce you to one such site – reddit.

    In case you thought that sites like reddit are only suitable for the ‘big guy’ or guru bloggers, think again. Reddit users like to read any content which is UNIQUE and INTERESTING. I believe that your site scores pretty high on both these counts, the reason why I am contacting you. If you use it to your advantage, reddit can be a traffic goldmine for you, but if you misuse it, then your reputation can and will be damaged permanently. I don’t know about you, but I would any day prefer the first option!

    I can guarantee you that I will post a link to your site content using an established and well-reputed reddit account with a high karma count (as high as 5K or even MORE depending on your niche/topic) to the biggest subreddit which is most-related to the topic of your site.

    To prove that I am REAL and not bluffing here, here is a screenshot which shows my reddit profile:

    This service costs only 10 USD at the moment, however, spots are limited. Please book your spot early by emailing me. SERIOUS people only please.

    Disclaimer for legal reasons: As much as I would like to, I cannot guarantee traffic. It is just something that NOBODY can honestly guarantee. I would say that when it comes to traffic, you should count on your content, your brand image, (partly) your luck and hope for the best. This offer comes with NO REFUND, but I do reserve the right to cancel/refund any order if I feel so. Ta da!

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