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How to Survive in Bed and Overcome Erectile Dysfunction

How to Survive in Bed and Overcome Erectile Dysfunction
Written by Sammy West

Is it Hard to Survive in Bed?

How to Survive in Bed is not a rocket science but it can be embarrassing if your woman has spent her entire day at work fantasizing about having a wild sex with you when she gets back home and you eventually cannot last or even get your penis up when it is needed. Before we continue, If you do not want to read all my writing, kindly scroll down to watch the video explanation of the secrets of How to Survive in Bed. Women are meant to be satisfied sexually and have the full pleasure of sex also. The female body allows them to have multiple orgasms at different times during sexual intercourse and this can only be achieved if the man involved is capable of having full and healthy erection for the period the woman is expected to experience orgasm.

The length of the time you can Survive in Bed, depends solely on how long you can maintain a hard and healthy erection. Without this, you might only be able to go not so far and in the long run, you will end up having no capacity to satisfy your woman’s sexual hunger. Weak erection is also sometimes the reason why some men ejaculate too early and are unable to get their penis up again after that. This might not be a big deal to some people but it is indeed a very serious situation that requires a permanent solution. Pills and some medications have been designed to help men with erectile dysfunction to survive in bed and  have a normal sexual relationship with their women once again. This route solution has work for some people but since it is a synthetic solution, there are certain side effects that have been recorded in time past. So it is definitely a risky affair if you decide to stick to pills in order to get rid of your inability to survive in bed for a long period with your woman. Examples of these pills are lavitra, Viagra, Cialis.

Some of the registered side effects that have been recorded include;

  1. Complete inability to get an erection: Medically, it is known that age has its influence on how hard and firm your penis can get to survive in bed. These miracle pills fasten this process and men who use them, experience inability to get a full erection at ages where they should still be able to sustain a good erection.
  2. Allergies and system failure: Some men in order to increase their sexual performance, go ahead to take the doses of these drugs that they are not suppose to take to survive in bed. This over dose sometimes leads to a break down in the systems that are involved with having a healthy erection.
  3. Persistent Erection: This is not a common side effect yet some men, experience it. Once they get an erection, it does not relax again for a very long time, the man no longer has control over the behavior of his penis and he and the partner does not enjoy the sex. This is a very embarrassing scenario that no one should experience because it has the capacity to scare women away.Survive in Bed
  4. Such ED drugs increases the chance of becoming totally impotent if they are used persistently.
  5. Other common side effects with Erectile Dysfunction (ED) drugs are;
  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Serious body ache
  • Congestion and running nose
  • Blurry vision
  • Gastrointestinal Ailments

A good alternative solution to erectile dysfunction is the Survive in Bed Guide. This is because it contains an all natural solution to this problem, so you don’t have to worry about medical side effects or run the risk of losing your manhood completely. This means that you can become a man again by being able to satisfy your woman’s sexual desire in whatever way she wants it. On the next page, there is a ver good comprehensive video produced by Jack that will inspire you and explain what you need to do

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How to Survive in Bed and Overcome Erectile Dysfunction

How to Survive in Bed and Overcome Erectile Dysfunction

Do you want to know how to survive in bed? You might be wondering how you got yourself into this predicament in the first place, well these are some of the known reasons why men experience erectile dysfunction and can’t survive in bed with a woman. The reasons range from personal carelessness to diseases. The most common personal cause of ED includes;

  • Unhealthy eating habits, and bad social behavior such as excessive smoking and alcohol intake can lead to a bad hormonal system and this could have huge effect on the primary function of the penis which is supposed to be firm and hard when it is needed to be.
  • Anxiety and an unstable personality: Anxious minds usually have chemical imbalance in their body that has great effect on the brain and its normal activities whether sexual or non-sexual, especially those related to controlling the flow of blood to the penis in order for it to have a good and healthy erection.
  • Stress: Stress mounts a lot of pressure on the nervous system and everything related to it; circulatory system and the brain. This has in some specific cases led to erectile dysfunction and an unresponsive penis.

Benefits of using the Survive in bed system

The positivity that comes along with using the survive in bed system are countless and you get to enjoy all these for a discounted price which basically everyone should be able to afford.

  1. Survive in Bed Benefit #1: A completely natural cure for weak erection problems: You will only be required to take natural products and herbs along with your meal in order to get this done. So you don’t have to worry about your woman finding out that you are on meds in order to be able to perform in bed. These natural herbs and ingredients can be found in our local grocery stores for about $15.
  2. Survive in Bed Benefit #2: You have full control over reaction of your penis and how it is meant to seduce your woman. Cases of persistent and abnormal erections can never occur because your penis will be able to come back to normal size after you are through with the sexual activity.
  3. Survive in Bed Benefit #3: You have a system that will work for you without you having to worry your head sick about side effects that we have mentioned earlier. The Survive in bed guide is completely natural and does not in any way alter the normal functioning of your body system.
  4. Survive in Bed Tip #4: The guide is available for a discounted price of $67 if you decide to buy it now instead of the original price of
  5. Survive in Bed Benefit #5: The author of the Survive in Bed has designed a risk free system that will ensure you get all your investment back if you do not get the results promised by the program. This is a 60 days money back guarantee that will ensure you get your money back without any questioning or delay. This is for all the skeptics who are still battling with making the decision on whether to get the guide or not. You have nothing to lose by purchasing it, instead you have everything to gain.

If you are ready to become the man that have always wanted to be in bed for your wife or partner and no longer want the disappointment of not being able to perform, then…..

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How to Survive in Bed and Overcome Erectile Dysfunction

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