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Red Smoothie Detox Factor – by Elizabeth Swann Miller

Red Smoothie Detox Factor
Written by Sammy West

Are you hearing about Red Smoothie Detox Factor for the first time? okay, you are in the right space. Why do I take healthy smoothie regularly? I have my reasons and I thought it would be helpful for others to know why you need to take smoothies.

Many of these my reasons are based on health benefits. If you ask me, I was first crazy about these artificial sweeteners and smoothies of different colours. I never tried red smoothie until I came across a program called The Red Smoothie Detox Facto r. It was created by Liz Swann Miller. And I must tell you, it is the best program one can ever use for general healthy living. No hyping here, this is just the honest truth. I was able to shed some pounds within few days. Not only this, The Red Smoothie Detox Factor helped to:

  • Reduce my high blood pressure
  • Remove almost all the toxins in my body.
  • Boost my immune system.
  • Improve my sleep.

And you won’t believe this, it also helped with my annoying cold and headaches that won’t stop coming back. And I was able to achieve all these just by making smoothie which include 4 red ingredients. Wow.

So I thought it won’t be nice if I don’t write a review on the program to help others too. If you are worried about how to lose weight or you want to improve your overall wellbeing, you need to use this program if you want wonderful result like mine.

After reading this review, I know you will be convinced that making healthy smoothies by using The Red Smoothie Detox Factor on daily basis is a good means of living healthy and an excellent investment of your time and money.

Now let me start the review with what The Red Smoothie Detox Factor is. It is necessary to know few things about it and why you need it.

So what is The Red Smoothie Detox Factor?

The Red Smoothie Detox Factor is a guide created by Liz Swann Miller, who is a naturopathy(ND) degree holder. The guide gives the approach to lose fat in few weeks by making easy and delicious smoothies. The Red Smoothie Detox FactStart Red Smoothie Detox Factor with Elizabeth Swann Milleror is a scientifically proven program. It is backed up with scientific facts and it is based on the idea that if four ingredients are combined in the right proportions, they will help to accelerate the rate of metabolism and thereby aid fat burning. The four detox ingredients( which I will still tell you more about) are Maca, chia seeds, cocoa and vanilla. Just continue with this review and you will know more about these ingredients and how they can help to reach your goal.

The Red Smoothie Detox Factor will prepare and guide you on how to use red smoothie to lose weight. The program is focused mainly on red fruits ( though, few other colours are included) and how these fruits can help to clean your body system for a full and healthy body. Before  I continue with this review, you need to know the brain behind this wonderful detox program. I mean the creator of The Red Smoothie Detox Factor.

So who created The Red Smoothie Detox Factor and why you should listen to Her

The Red Smoothie Detox Factor was created by Elizabeth Swann Miller. She is popularly known as Liz Miller. Do you know why I used the program? Because Liz used the system personally to control her weight and improve her health. Okay, I will tell you more.

While Liz was still a child, she was overweight and struggled with this till she got to twenties. She was sick and tired of her weight and searched for so many things that could help her with weight loss and healthy living. She got the solution which she used personally and worked for her. So she decided to share this solution with the world through her ‘The Red Smoothie Detox Factor’ detox program.

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What are the four main ingredients of The Red Smoothie Detox Factor?

Like I said earlier, The Red Smoothie Detox Factor is a program that make use of four red all natural ingredients which are effective for weight loss and body cleansing. These are the four ingredients that helped me to reach my goal:

Maca: Almost everybody is familiar with maca. But in case, maca is a plant produced in the Andean Mountains. This plant helps to reduce stress and has cancer fighting properties. It is mainly in form of powder but can be used as a coffee based on your desire.

Chia seeds: This seeds have been in existence for centuries. The seeds are filled with the essential fats, protein and calcium. You can use it in the dry form but are more beneficial when soaked in water for some minutes before using.

Cocoa: We all know cocoa is a very good antioxidant. Natural cocoa has so many health benefits.

Vanilla: You don’t have to use any sugar or artificial sweeteners again. Vanilla will add flavour and sweetness to your smoothie. I find this so much beneficial because your insulin levels won’t have any cause to rise again.


So how exactly does The Red Smoothie Detox Factor work?

I followed three steps from the books given in the program. The steps are:




In the first step, which is preparation, you will learn how to know the meaning of detox and why you need it.  You will learn about your body, what is happening in your body  and how to cleanse the body. This step will make you get set for your detox before you buy all the ingredients you need.

The detox step will provide you with some recipes for different smoothies. You will even be provided with some healthy snacks to give you energy. Mind you, they are healthy snacks that will give you energy and keep your body clean.

And finally, after you are done with your detox, the recovery plan will provide you with meal suggestions and how to change your lifestyle to keep healthy. By following all these three steps, you will be able to get rid of toxins in your body and also lose unwanted fat.

Note: The Red Smoothie Detox Factor requires little changes in your lifestyle. If you cannot adapt to this, then it is likely not to work for you.

And there is one great news. A great news you can’t ignore. The program has a 60-day money back guarantee on it. So there is no pressure with this program. If it works for you, which I am very sure will, then you will live a healthy life with fat-free body all year round. But if it doesn’t, just return it and get your full money back. Liz has full confidence about her program that it works and that is why there is a guarantee on it.

Before I end this review, I need to let you know that The Red Smoothie Detox Factor is in digital form only. You can read it on your phone or laptop anywhere you are and it is quite cheaper than most other detox programs I know.

At this time I don’t expect you to be reading this review alone, I expect you to click here and get your own The Red Smoothie Detox Factor by Liz Swann Miller and start living a healthy life. No more excess body fat, no more high blood pressure, no more stress, no more toxins with Red Smoothie Detox Factor  and it comes with no risk or regrets.

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