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Easy Webinar Software Review – Easy Webinar by Casey Z

Easy Webinar Software Review – By Casey Z

Introduction To Easy Webinar Software Review – By Casey Z

Easy Webinar is a program which helps you stream and organize both live and automated events to your clients. Easy webinar software is an all in one webinar event suite that can perform both live and automated events. It is an event suite that will help you to build fans and followers through the power of video and events. Easy Webinar is also keen on developing tools to help in events organizing and streaming (broadcasting). The product will help you to develop your own online business and presence by tapping into your existing resources and talents. Easy webinar software integrates and uses the power of Google Hangouts to bring you dynamic live events which are streamed in High Definition quality. Easy webinar software gives you a substitute for expensive   outdated live webinar technology. Easy Webinar allows you to stream out to an unlimited number of attendees and create many events simultaneously. Easy webinar software enables the people who signed up for your webinar to receive automatic emails reminding them of the webinar, which saves you the hassle of many follow-ups. Click here to get Easy Webinar.

Download Easy Webinar Software By Casey Z Now

Download Easy webinar software

Facts About Easy webinar software For Doing Live Events

Product:                     Easy webinar software for doing live Events

Author:                       Casey Zeman

Category:                    ebiz

Format:                       Program

Product rating:          4/5 stars

Product ranking:       # 24

Brief description:       the first automated one click event software

Guarantee:                 30 day 100% money back guarantee.

Official download link: Click Here To Download Now

Review date:             28 September 2010

Download Easy Webinar Software By Casey Z Now


Indepth Information About Easy Webinar

As explained in the introduction Easy webinar software is a program which assist you organize and stream both live and automated events to your clients. In the case of streaming live events Easy Webinar uses the power of Google Hangouts to stream for you dynamic live events in High Definition quality.   It allows you to stream out to an unlimited number of attendees and create as many events as you wish. The product has many live chat features like for instance an email based system that allows attendees on your event to submit questions via email. This feature of Easy webinar software is great to use with pre-recorded webinars as it enables you answer the questions from your clients of your events improving your public relations. When it comes to automated events Easy Webinar assists you upload the recording of your best presentation to it and then present it for you with the same level of excitement/engagement as the live event. Easy webinar software alsostreams pre-recorded events in REAL TIME. So if you comes late or refreshes the event page, it doesn’t restart the event, but continues on where you left off. Easy webinar softwaregives you an option of streaming out of your prerecorded event at any time. Easy Webinarautomatically converts immediately your live streaming event to automated event for use as a future reference by the attendees, future attendees or yourself. Easy webinar software allows you then to generate more leads and sales through the power of automation. You can download easy webinar software here.

Download Easy Webinar Software By Casey Z Now

Download Easy webinar software

Why You Need The Easy webinar software

 Easy Webinaris easy to use as you can access all your webinar features and functions from one interface. Easy webinar softwareis easy to access as you can launch Webinars from your Word press administration panel. It has an option of creating pages automatically as it just shares your URL with your list of attendees. Easy Webinar helps you get more online traffic swarming into your events with our advanced Social Share Incentive feature. One of the pages that is generated using the product is the appreciation page (thank you page) and on this page you are given an opportunity to bring in more viral leads through unlocking a free gift as a reward for someone sharing. Easy Webinar gives you an option to have live callers with. Inside Easy webinar software there is training that will show you how to integrate with live call systems. Easy Webinar helps you route the call through your computer with the audio jack from a smart phone. In most cases you will have to use an external USB mixer. The exact same method can be used to make Skype calls. Easy webinar software will track the registrants on your webinar through the entire event process; from registering, to attending, to performing actions. This will give you the ability to know who your greatest prospect is. Easy Webinarhas its own built in chat box and allows chat options for Twitter, Facebook, LiveFyre, Chatroll and more. Easy Webinar has a completely new and simple to use dashboard for creating your events. Easy Webinar has Easy in its name and makes the process even easier while rolling in advanced features that will really help your bottom line. Every feature of Easy webinar software can be activated or deactivated. Like for instance if you don’t want to show the attendee list on the webinar event page then you can choose to not have it. You can optimize your webinar to get on the first page of Google with Easy Webinar new SEO section. Easy Webinar gives you an option to use all the latest features of Google Hangouts Presenter tools like Lower Thirds, high definition Face time, and Capture. Our personal player also streams out live events for you.

Popularity, Ranking And Money Back Guarantee

 Easy Webinar has a good standing online with a 4/5 star rating. Easy Webinar also offers a 30 day 100% money back guarantee. This means that if in thirty days after purchase you return the Easy Webinar with a negative report you are entitled to a full refund on questions asked.

Download Easy Webinar Software By Casey Z Now

Download Easy webinar software


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