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Customer Tipster Announces Addition of Sports Category

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Written by Sammy West

Customer Tipster Announce Inclusion of Sports Category

New Sports Category on Customer Tipster – 15th March, 2014

Customer Tipster, a website for information about products and services on the internet hereby announces the addition of a new Products and Services Category on their website. The Announcement was made by the board of product review board that has been specializing in the review of every products and services on the internet. Customer Tipster’s fan base have increased rapidly beyond comparison, just after few months of the website, the average daily user base has increased to One Thousand visitors. Customer Tipster is an internet web based service for guide, instruction and basic information about every services, it is not an advertising media and the there is no strings attached with any customer information collection also. This is the more reason why the fans and visitors of Customer Tipster website are satisfied with the information and guide they always read about every products and services on the website. Just two weeks ago, Customer Tipster announced the Celebration of Launching and Updating 1000 Products and Services Review as a service to humanity. The Products and Services are about Health and Fitness, E Business and Arts, Education and Relationships and Religion.

Customer Tipster hereby now announce the Release and launching of a whole new Category for Sport Lovers, Athletes, Footballers, Golfers and everyone in the Sports and Entertainment Industry. There are numerous sport products and services for athletes, players and sport lovers in the form of eBooks, Products, Coaching Services and Information that needs some review and confirmation before our fans and visitors would prefer to use the products. Therefore Customer Tipster is setting up a whole new category for Sports to provide adequate information and guide about all the products and services provided by Sport Companies and individuals. The information and guide provided from Customer Tipster are verified by contacting the various companies and individuals and gathering information supporting all the tips and reports delivered by Customer Tipster Reporters. If you have been looking for a place to read comprehensive and officially verified tips about every products and services on the internet on Sports, visit Customer Tipster today and Bookmark the Homepage.

Helen Cole,

Official Writer and Publisher,

Customer Tipster

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