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Customer Tipster Press Release – Anounce First 100 Published Contents

Customer Tipster Press Release
Written by Sammy West

Customer Tipster Press Release – First 100 Customer Product Reviews Uploaded!

CUSTOMER TIPSTER – The newly released website of Konsta Companies that is just less than 2 Months has already launched and uploaded One Hundred Official Reviews of Products and Services on the World Wide Web. aims to provide the unbiased, real, officially researched reviews on Products and Services that teeming consumers are interested to read about on the Internet. Customer Tipster is interested in serving a wide audience of Infopreneurs, Entrepreneurs, Professionals and Members of the General Public who are all interested in Art and Entertainment, Education, Dating, Romance, E- Business, Affiliate Marketing, Health, Fitness, Cooking, Food, Wine, Beauty, Software, Downloads, Plug-in, Religion, Spirituality, Sports, Travel and every other ramifications of life that has is information related. Customer Tipster features wide contents which include video streaming media review of 100 Products and Services that are relevant to provide basic Information and Explanation about each Product and Services.

Our esteemed online visitors can now experience the new vibrant design with seamless view of details and accurate analysis of our content. The resources used on the Review of each product and services are real from accurate surveys that are not manipulated. We have a team of individual professionals who conduct background checks and research on every product and services reviewed and posted on Customer Tipster. The Project Director of remarks that “Customer Satisfaction is our Priority to make sure that people are not swindled away into buying fake and unworthy products on the Internet” This had been the watch word of Customer Tipster, to make sure that only the trust worthy products and services are only given out to people who are interested in acquiring such products. “There are a millions of Products and Services on the Internet and believing in just anything can be the biggest mistake and waste of money” says Helen Cole, the Official Publicist and Blogger of Customer Tipster. The Creation of Customer Tipster have united the efforts of our sister websites that have be existing over the years.

 Presently the Featured Design of Customer Tipster is designed solely by Customer Tipster without any affiliation with another company or individual. The Contents on the Website are all developed as an Intellectual Property of Konsta Companies and specifically created for our online audience both the general audience and professionals. Customer Tipster is packed with news, tips, ideas, advice, stories, videos, testimonials and reports on every Products and Services on the Internet. It covers every category of products and services which includes the following;

  •  ARTS AND ENTERTAINMENT: Body Art, Architecture, Art, Film & Television, Dance, Fashion, General, Music, Theater, Photography, Radio, Humor
  • BETTING: Casino Table Games, General, Football, Horse Racing, Poker, Soccer Lottery
  • BUSINESS AND INVESTING: Industries & Professions, Careers, Debt, Economics, Derivatives, Equities, Foreign Exchange, Management & Leadership, Real Estate, International Business, Outsourcing, Personal Marketing & Sales, Finance, Small Biz and Entrepreneurship
  • COMPUTER AND INTERNET: Databases, General, Email Services, Hardware, Graphics, System Analysis & Design, Networking, Programming, Software, Web Hosting, System Administration, Web Site Design, Operating Systems
  • COOKING, FOOD AND WINE: BBQ, Baking, Drinks & Beverages, Cooking, Recipes, General, Regional & Intl., Special Occasions, Special Diet, Vegetables, Vegetarian
  • E-BUSINESS AND E-MARKETING: Auctions, Affiliate Marketing, Classified Advertising, Blog Marketing, Consulting, Media Marketing, E-commerce Operations, Submitters, E-zine Strategies, Domains, Email Marketing, Market Research, Marketing, Paid Surveys, Niche Marketing, Pay Per Click Advertising, SEM & SEO, Promotion, Social Video Marketing
  • EMPLOYMENT AND JOBS: Job Search Guides, General, Job Listings, Job Skills, Training Cover Letter & Resume Guides
  • GAMES: Repairs, Console Guides, Strategy Guides
  • GREEN PRODUCTS: Alternative Energy, Conservation, and Efficiency
  • HEALTH & FITNESS: Remedies, Beauty, Diets & Weight Loss, Strength Training, Exercise & Fitness, General, Mental Health, Dental Health, Spiritual Health, Men’s Health, Nutrition, Yoga, Addiction, Women’s Health
  • HOME AND GARDEN: Gardening & Horticulture, General, Home buying, Interior Design, Weddings, Crafts & Hobbies, Entertaining, Home Improvements, Sewing, Animal Care & Pets
  • MOBILE: Apps, Security, PSP, Videos Developer Tools
  • FAMILIES AND PARENTING: Needs, Genealogy, Education, Marriage, Pregnancy, Parenting, Childbirth,
  • SELF HELP: Eating Disorders, Female Dating Guides, General, Male Dating Guides, Motivational and Transformational, Abuse, Personal Finance, Self-Esteem, Stress Management, Time Management Success, , Marriage & Relationships
  • SPIRITUALITY, ALTERNATIVE BELIEFS AND NEW AGE: Tarot, Hypnosis, Astrology, General, Numerology, Magic, Religion, Psychics, Paranormal
  • SPORTS: Coaching, Extreme Sports, Baseball, Football, Outdoors & Nature, General, Hockey, Individual Sports, Racket Sports, Martial Arts, Mountaineering, Basketball, Other Team Sports, Golf, Soccer, Softball, Winter Sports, Water Sports, Volleyball, Training

Konsta Companies is an Information and Technology Company in Spokane, Washington States. The Company has been developing and creating service bad websites over the year and will not relent on giving the right information to everybody across the world. Since information is a pioneer tool of awakening the society to the pros and norms of the society, we see it as our role to inform, engage and empower everyone around the world. Customer Tipster is to empower people about the diverse Products and Services on the Internet which needs to verify properly before anyone should purchase them. The Tipster Team headed by Helen Cole and S. West has been working on the development of the Customer Service Information Providing Platform over the past year, working with a staff of 20 different people from different parts of the country to achieve better support on the trust multifaceted mission of The Customer Tipster Website. To all our esteemed viewers, readers and supporters, the platform of Customer Tipster will be available for advertisement as from April 14. The management will issue a press release to this effect and we are pleased to inform you that major trends of products and services updates will increase both on Customer Tipster and our sister websites under the umbrella of Konsta Companies.

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