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Adonis Golden Ratio System Review – John Barban

Written by Sammy West

Introduction to the Adonis golden ratio system

Everybody loves a perfect body, for a man someone that has great muscular presence and awesome abs, and for a woman someone with a bikini sized body and the perfect 8 shape. People would take several looks at someone with the perfect body and shape and not care who is looking at them or who isn’t looking at them. This is the reason why most people especially men work out and do strenuous activities just to develop their body so that people especially ladies would be attracted to them. In the same vain some people just stay in their dream world and fantasize about their dream body and do little or nothing about it. Dreaming most times don’t equal to results so get up that lazy body and do some work, you can start by purchasing the program I am about to review called the “Adonis golden ratio system”. But if you insist on dreaming, just make sure your dreams are small so that you won’t start having imaginations about monstrous bodies because unlike what most people think women aren’t attracted every type of built bodies, monstrous looking bodies tends to disgust most women. Women are mostly attracted to bodies like that of the Greek god called “Adonis’ that Michelangelo drew. So keep your imagination and fantasy on the low and reasonable.

This review is based on the fitness program designed by John barban and it is called the “Adonis golden effect. The name I think is derived from the name of the Greek god called Adonis. John is a supplement consultant, a biologist and physiologist. He has put all his expertise together in order to develop this awesome program called the “Adonis Golden ratio system”. In this review I would deep doing an in-depth analysis of the product and I would show you why this Adonis golden ratio is a golden opportunity for you to have your dream body in a just few weeks.

You know very well that there are many body building and fitness programs out there; many are fake and pure scam. You just might have heard that this program is a scam too. But my review on this product proves otherwise as the techniques are potent and viable, with a clear intention of helping you attain a firm and well built body. Apart from the potency of this product, the author is a man of many works in this field and has helped a lot of clients attain their dream body. He also has a lot of books and published works to his credit that many people have used and gotten amazing results that are undeniable and visible.

You can burn that excess belly fat and get the abs you have always wanted, you are just a step away.

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Click Here to Get the Adonis Golden Ratio System Today

Quick facts about the Adonis Golden Ratio System

PRODUCT: Adonis golden ratio system

AUTHOR: John Barban

FORMAT: E-book

CATEGORY: Fitness, nutrition and health

BRIEF DESCRIPTION: The Adonis Golden ratio system is a carefully designed program aimed at helping you achieve a great body by burning excess body fat that are stored up in the lower and weak areas of your body. At the end of this  program you would have what is known as the “Adonis Effect”. I would be talking more about the Adonis effect subsequently.


Detailed information about the Adonis golden ratio system

The author of this program, John Barban is well experienced and hence qualified to bring out an awesome opportunity such as this. The Adonis golden ratio system does not involve any form of gimmick or trick or the use of drugs in order to enhance your body, this system is based on the use of practical methods to get practical results that are not possible to hide. So purchasing this product means you are ready to work hard to get your desired results.

John’s research led him to an important discovery. This discovery is evolution based; in his finds he found out a secret that evolution has blessed everybody with in a pure form. This secret is hidden in a proportion that John discovered and he called it the Adonis golden ratio.

The golden ratio system is a 12 week program designed to help you burn stubborn belly fat, burn fat and build a body you can be proud of. The program starts with the measurement of what John describes as the “Adonis Index”. This measurement will help John determine where you can start from in the program. The measurement helps to you to know how close you are to the Adonis golden ratio. Being close to this program means you are physically fit and your building process won’t be long. Being far from the Adonis golden ratio means that you are still close or even still nursing excess belly fat and weight. In general everybody has a starting point and John has a system or structure to help you in determining where you would be starting from.

This program is designed to help you develop what is called the “Adonis effect”. This effect is the first impression people have when first come in contact with a body with great abs and physique. At the end of this  program you would have developed the “Adonis Effect” and sure have an amazing level of confidence.

Application of the golden ratio nutrition is the next step to take in this program. No matter how much you work out or train, your nutrition has a huge effect on your body build progress. John has designed a nutrition plan to help you get the awesome results that you crave for. This nutrition plan comes in software that is in consonance with your Adonis index, so that at all time, you are eating exactly what you need to develop the body that you dream of.

The last step is the application of the Adonis golden ratio supplements. Here you would be introduced to how to use supplements and what supplements are total wastes of your time and resources. This program is not a supplement based fitness program but at some point you will the right ones in the right quantity in order to accelerate your Adonis index.

Here certain tips you would find useful in this program;

  • Avoid processed and junk foods: These types of foods kill your chances of losing fat and it only make you develop awful girly muscles.
  • Stop dead lifts, weighted abdominal crunches, don’t read magazines that teach you body building: Dead lifts and weighted abdominal crunches only increase your waist size and take you far away from the Adonis golden ratio.
  • Never bulk up then cut: This procedure would only make you develop man boobs.

Bonuses attached to the Adonis Golden Ratio System

  1. Free access to the “Adonis Abs and Arm Assault” program. To find out more about this program you just have to purchase the “Adonis golden ratio system”.
  2. Unlimited Access to Adonis upgrades
  3. You would also get 7-day out special program with John’s friend and fitness trainer; Kyle leon.

Click Here to Get the Adonis Golden Ratio System Today

Click Here to Get Started in the Adonis Golden System Today

Click Here to Get the Adonis Golden Ratio System Today

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